First release of Migeran is available

Migeran is now available. Just follow the instructions to get started in a few minutes.

And what is Migeran? It is your next best friend to port Android apps to iOS, or to create multiplatform mobile apps in Java.

Migeran in 60 seconds:

  • Based on Android ART runtime
  • Full iOS 8 API coverage
  • Eclipse integration (debugging, Migeran specific code assist, code folding ... etc.)
  • UI Designer, Xcode integration
  • ... and much more.

Even better: Migeran is being released as open source.
Find out more at www.migeran.com.

Migeran: Write iOS Apps in Java and Scala

The standard tools for Android and iOS app development require us to rewrite our app for each platform from scratch.

Migeran is a new development tool, that allows developers to write cross platform native mobile apps for Android and iOS in the Java or Scala language. Migeran's unique features include:

  • Java runtime based on Android ART
  • A new Java to native library with automated native binding generation
  • Complete support for the iOS and Java APIs
  • Eclipse and Xcode integration
  • Debugging and testing support: both on the simulator and on real devices

For more information about Migeran, visit http://www.migeran.com.

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