We offer developer trainings in the following topics:

  • Embedded Linux application development
  • Configuration Management: version control, change control, automated build and testing
  • Mobile phone application development (JavaME, BlackBerry, Google Android)
  • Web 2 application development (Google Web Toolkit)

Configuration Management

In every software project configuration management is a crucial support process. It includes the following areas:

  • Storage and version control of project data
  • Change control
  • Build automation
  • Test automation
  • Release management
  • Technical support of project planning and tracking

The implementation of these processes, the selection, installation and maintenance of tools, and the associated trainings require significant resources (mainly human resources). These resources are generally not available to the project. Our company offers to design and implement the outlined processes for our clients, including the installation and maintenance of the required tools. This way the developers in the project may concentrate on the project execution, while the support processes are available without further investment.

Our team has extensive experience in the configuration management of global project (5-10 sites around the world, hundreds of users).

Software development

We provide software development services on the following platforms

  • Linux / Unix
  • Java: JavaSE, JavaEE, JavaME
  • Web 2 applications: Google Web Toolkit, Flash

Project leadership

Our company offers to lead the projects of our clients, using agile, iterative development methodologies.

Hardware and software consulting, design and implementation of complete systems

We also offer end to end services to our customer: from the idea, through planning and implementation, to deployment and maintenance.

Virtual Server Service

We provide a virtual server rental service based on Xen geared for the Hungarian market.

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